It was Valentine’s Day, so I started thinking about love. How little of it there seems to be going around lately, and how it’s the only thing that can save us all. And when I say “save,” I mean make us feel better; by mining deep inside us for a way to experience love or express love. It may even be transitory, but if it’s only for one moment, then we will have beaten back that other flash of hatred, despair, fear, or anxiety.

For 20 years, one of my businesses has been manufacturing a line of temporary body art…

Detail of “Lament VI” by Francesca Lalanne, Engraved Oxidized steel, wood, granite, 24" x 24"

Sometimes, when I take in the enormity of the times we’re living, I want them to end. I wish they would evaporate already so that the rebirth can begin to take shape. When I am in my ego, focusing on my distress surrounding hatred of Black people, the shocking number of covid-related deaths, and active neglect of our rudderless leadership, I want to run away to a better place.

At the end of my workdays, if I plop down in front of the tube, I want to forget the news and the drama and the stress. I want to find…

“Templum” by Francesca Lalanne

Here we are under confinement, one whose endless term continues to expand into the great unknown. As an art dealer who has been struggling to ascertain the when and how of our next one-woman exhibition of works by Francesca Lalanne, an intriguing Haitian-American artist living in Los Angeles, I find myself re-energized with hope and elation upon seeing her first series of paintings. People need to see this art! We’re going to find the way to do it right and safe.

Artists continue to amaze me, always staying one step ahead, somehow tapping into the issues that animate our current…

Remember the popular saying among Christians that turned into a fashion statement when lots of young people went around wearing woven bracelets embroidered with WWJD? Maybe it’s still popular, I don’t know, I’m not a practicing Christian or follower of Jesus, specifically. Those letters stand for What Would Jesus Do? I kind of liked the idea of it, a way for people to remind themselves, when at a crossroads of some sort, to check in with their highest self to glean what their hero might do. I may have even written about it somewhere after thinking that, for people of…

It was just over 10 years ago that Haiti suffered an earthquake so devastating it is rated #6 on the list of 10 deadliest natural disasters since the 6th century. I am a Haitian-American, living in the States since 1964. I was not on the ground when it happened, but the collective national psyche of Haitians throughout the world collapsed along with all those buildings and structures, died a little with the 300,000 people who perished, and hobbled in spirit with the over one million wounded and displaced. Today, as we in the United States and many countries around the…

Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

One dark Thursday afternoon, Truth found herself sitting next to Lies on a subway ride heading toward a station called The Right To Exist. After an uncomfortably long time, during which Truth had had to endure a surplus of slime oozing forth from Lies’s every pore and down onto the subway floor into a puddle, which now seemed to be spreading through the entire car, Truth turned to Lies and said:

“I noticed you sneak onto the train a very long time ago — too long ago to remember exactly when — but lately, you seem to…

In my new book, Short Stories About Us, the story “Future Love” is set in Miami, Florida. It recounts the dilemma experienced by a married Cuban-American woman who falls in love with her Argentinian-American lover. But she adores her husband and refuses to leave him. When the lovers can’t find a way out, she agrees to clone herself for him — with unforeseeable results.

After writing Future Love, it dawned on me that we’re already cloning ourselves all the time, and I’ve written those thoughts in the below essay, which can also be found in the book.

The Big Dissemble

Wildflowers in Los Angeles

I’ve decided it’s time to bare my soul, come clean, and admit it:

I don’t like hiking.

I can hear the collective groan. What?? Before you get all judgmental and start leaving nasty comments about how I’m just lazy (which I am), let me make my case:

First of all, I didn’t say I don’t like being out in nature, communing with trees and leaves and flowers and the earth from which I came. I said I don’t like what it takes to get there. Question: what is so great about walking uphill? Yes, yes, I know, it’ called exercising…

Driving down La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles the other day, I slowed the car upon noticing a Bird-riding boy attempting to cross the busy avenue. When he saw me cruising to a stop, instead of advancing toward the sidewalk, where he was headed, he changed his mind, pointed the scooter toward the front of the car instead, and looked me straight in the eye, coming to a full stop before casually rolling away to the curb. I turned to look at my husband, who sat in the passenger seat, and we exchanged a look of incomprehension at this kid’s…

On a recent trip to Paris, I had the good fortune to visit the Fondation Louis Vuitton (FLV), which describes itself as “a private cultural initiative”. In essence, it is a private museum housed in a dynamic and formidable Frank Gehry construction apparently inspired by an ice glacier. (Mission accomplished!)

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, France

FLV is currently hosting an awe-inspiring exhibition of contemporary African art titled Art/Afrique, Le Nouvel Atelier or Art/Africa, The New Atelier. This exhibit is a destination point affair; in other words, it is reason enough to plan a trip to Paris.

Upon entering the first gallery, one is greeted with…

Carine Fabius

Carine is the author of six fiction and nonfiction books, and a longtime contributor to Huffpost, writing on issues of lifestyle, the arts, politics, and more.

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